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Professional Industrial Repair, Maintenance and Services


We'll deliver within our Georgia and South Carolina trade location areas. In fact, as a VIP customer we give FREE DELIVERY of our products and services to your plant sites, field and project locations.Free delivery shipping staff

Stocked Inventory

Richmond Supply, Inc. maintains a very extensive assortment of popular items for the maintenance and repair of plant equipment and operations. Products fall into these (9) nine categories:

Shop online from a thousand high-quality Brands of industrial grade products.

"Bend Over Backwards" Technical Support

Figuratively speaking, we will bend over backwards to help you. Our employees can not only "Talk the Talk" and they can also "Walk The Walk". When it comes to individual product applications and requirements we have the finest support team available. For those hard to solve problems in the field, we give easy access to professionals tradesmen and women who have years of experience troubleshooting and recommending products to solve difficult application problems.

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Your emergency is our priority!

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In a pinch? We're here when you need us. when time is of the essence clockAnd if you are very busy, we give all our customers easy direct phone or email access. Recorded voice mails are immediately forwarded to each one of our product specialists or salespeople so that any emergencies or breakdowns will be addressed quickly. Because we know when time is of the essence!.

Hose Coupling, Fabrication, Cleaning and Testing

We offer hose services in all the following applications:

  • Hydraulic
  • Steam
  • Chemical
  • General Service
  • Ducting
  • Material Handling
  • Welded Metal

We have staff on site to couple or weld metal hoses for any type application. Richmond Supply has a long history of solving fluid power and transfer problems in a quick and economical fashion.

In addition to coupling hose, we are able to TEST, TAG AND TRACK your performance critical hoses for reliability. Every hose has a life span which needs to be monitored. After a successful pressure test we tag your hose with the date and identification.  As safety concerns mount, we are here to track (inspect) your critical application hoses. In the event that hoses need to be pressure tested with fluids other than water, we are able to then clean those hoses to put them in a field-ready state. Typically hoses need to be inspected several times per year or more, depending on its use and application. 

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A long history of solving fluid power and transfer problems

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Searching for a Hard-To-Find product? Need a FREE Quote?

Need us to answer a question, submit a competitive quote, research hard-to-find items? We employ a team of professionals who have years of industrial / application experience to help you. And we have relationships with hundreds of leading manufacturers, so if you don’t see it on our website, no worries. We’ll respond to your quote request quickly. 

Bend over backwards technical support

Even if we discover that we can’t provide the item, we"ll help you find the best source.

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Technical Question? Hard-To-Find Part? Competitive Quote Needed? No Problem!

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Conveyor Belting Services

Richmond Supply, Inc. employs a team of technicians whose job it is to install conveyor belting and components in the field. Our equipment includes:

  • Belt Winders – for removing the existing belt.
  • Vulcanizers – for field splicing belting, making them endless
  • Generators – we bring our "own" portable power
  • Welders, Saws, Power Knives – for installing components such as Belt Cleaners, Pulleys and Idlers. We re-lag pulleys in the field so that the customer experiences limited downtime.
  • Vehicles and Trailers – In most cases we bring all our equipment along with the replacement belt to your site in one of our many field trucks. For heavier loads, we transport the belt with rugged goose-neck trailers. All of our vehicle drivers are DOT certified and have experience delivering service to your door. 
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Extensive experience solving complex conveyor problems

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We have years of experience solving conveyor problems such as belt-tracking, excessive product build-up, product loss at loading points, idler junction failure, and premature belt wear. computerized conveyor belt calcaulationsWe're also well-versed in custom products such as UHMW and Urethane parts and plates for Impact and Abrasion Resistance.

  • Loading Chutes
  • Conveyor Covers
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Plastic Modular Belting
  • Metal Belting - all areas that we cover.

In fact, these are the areas where we truly show our value as a supplier. Sizing and specifying products for the most efficient conveyor running operation… well, that’s just how we roll. And we’ve been doing it for over (70) seventy years.

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Computerized load calculations to help you maximize your conveyor system

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Want advice or recommendations on loads and speed for optimal operations and the most value? We can run computerized load calculations to help you maximize your conveyor system. Thousands of dollars are lost every day due to inefficiencies in conveyor operations. We’ll be glad to help you develop a costing savings plan for your various conveyor points in your plant by troubleshooting and recommending the most effective means to get product from point A to point B. 

Paint and Coatings

NACE logo

Richmond Supply, Inc. has spent a lifetime specifying and troubleshooting paint and coatings applications / problems in the field. With access to a number of high-performance coatings lines, we are an unusual player in the world of paint. We have NACE™ trade trained professionals who can perform field inspect application and troubleshoot premature coatings failures. 

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In-house NACE™ trained professionals

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We specialize in coatings for:

  • Concrete Floors
  • Steel Structure
  • Tanks
  • Secondary Containment
  • High Heat or Insulation Applications (replace traditional insulation with coatings)
  • Roof Coatings (liquid elastomeric roof).

With access to many paint lines, we can choose the best solution for your problem or coatings need. Classic Premature Coatings failure is due primarily to:

  • Improper Surface Preparation
  • Incorrect Coating Selection
  • Improper Mixing  or Application of Coating.

And with years of experience in the coatings business, we’ve seen it all. It’s easy for contractors or applicators to take short cuts on jobs, and so it’s best to make sure they have the proper instructions for preparing the surface and applying the coating. Let us at Richmond Supply help you on your next project.